Zara Young
Zara Young
Age 32
Status Deceased
Height 5'6"
Weight 114
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Portrayed By Katie McGrath
Zara Young was assigned to look after Claire Dearing's nephews, Zach and Gray, while they were visiting Jurassic World, picking them up as soon as they arrived on the island. She accompanied the boys when they entered the Innovation Center and was later with them during their tour of the park. While they're at the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, Zara is seen being busy on her phone, going over her wedding details. The Mitchell brothers took advantage of this and ditched her to explore the park on their own. Given afterward, the Indominus rex broke free and put the park into an emergency situation. Claire called Zara, only for the distressed assistant to say the boys "had ran away". Eventually she reencountered the boys in Main Street, shortly before the Jurassic World Aviary's inhabitants invaded the area.


During the attack, Zara was snatched by a Pteranodon, whisking her away from Zach and Gray. While in the air, Zara is heard screaming as the Pteranodon drops her. She screams, only to be snatched by another Pteranodon. There's some back and forth.

Zara shrieks as the Pteranodon drops her with her screaming. She plummets into the huge Mosasaurus tank. In the tank, she is pulled under by a Pteranodon, lifting her up from the water. Zara is screaming this entire time, a deep and maddening scream. The Pteranodon thrashes her across the water as water fills up Zara's lungs. The Pteranodon picks her up as she continues screaming.

The dinosaur tries to drown her once more but snatches her back up. Just after, the Mosasaurus pops out of the water and chomps down on both the Pteranodon and Zara, which instantly kills her upon impact.